IBJ: Marathon Health buys Missouri firm in move that boosts membership by 32%

Marathon Health, an Indianapolis-based company that provides primary-care clinics inside or near businesses in 43 states to help them control medical costs, is about to get even bigger.

The company said Tuesday it is buying Cerner Workforce Health Solutions, a similar organization based in Kansas City, Missouri. The move will add about 300,000 members to Marathon’s network, for an instant membership growth of about 32%

Healthcare Business Today: Nurses Embrace Employer Healthcare To Spend More Time With Patients

After five years, nurse practitioner Kristen Osburn left urgent care where she saw patients every five minutes. “There would be days when it was difficult to find the time to sit down or eat,” she says, adding that she knew it was time for a change about a year ago, as stress took its toll. The American Nurses Association 2022 Workplace Survey revealed that 68% of nurses experienced stress, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing reported in April that about 100,000 registered nurses have left the profession since 2020.

Healthcare Business Today: Annual Physicals Save Dollars And Lives

Employers will spend an average of $22,000 in annual premiums for family coverage this year, up 43% since 2012 according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Human Resource leaders are working harder than ever, but paying more and getting less when it comes to quality outcomes for their employees. The biggest lever employers can pull to reverse that scenario is by investing in primary care.