Lesley Weidenbener: Indianapolis Business Journal Editor

A lifetime of reporting on government and politics seemed natural for Lesley while growing up in a household that read and talked about the news of the day. Listen to follow her career from covering the Indiana legislature to teaching journalism students at Franklin College and starting TheStateHouseFile.com, to landing as the editor of the Indiana Business Journal.

Scott Hums: Director of Content for WTHR-TV

Angela gets to speak with long-time acquaintance and classmate, Scott Hums. In today’s episode, Scott shares his career journey, the primary difference between a digital director and director of content, and the future of broadcast journalism.

Shari Rudavsky: Indianapolis Star Health & Medicine Reporter

On this episode of Media in Minutes, we welcome health and medicine journalist Shari Rudavsky. Having worked for the Indianapolis Star for 16 years, Shari discusses what it’s been like covering the COVID pandemic and how she chooses what stories to pursue.

Megan Fernandez: Indy Monthly Executive Editor

In today’s episode we talk with Megan Fernandez. Megan is executive editor at the award-winning, city/regional magazine, Indianapolis Monthly. She tells us about her time on a professional women’s tackle football team – for a story! And, gives us insight into how the magazine works behind the scenes. Megan began writing for Indy Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. She joined the staff in 2005 and is now the magazine’s primary lifestyle editor and writes feature stories on whatever piques her interest.

Sherman Burdette: TV News Personality on FOX59

Angela Tuell  00:05 Welcome to Media in Minutes. This is your host Angela Tuell. This podcast features in-depth interviews with those who report on the world around us. They share everything from their favorite stories to what happened behind the lens and give us a glimpse into their world. From our studio here Communications Redefined, […]