Sonni Abatta: Host and Author, We Gotta Talk Podcast and Blog

Angela Tuell: 0:05 Welcome to Media in Minutes. This is your host Angela Tuell. This podcast features in-depth interviews with those reports on the world around us. They share everything from their favorite stories to what happened behind the lens and give us a glimpse into their world. From our studio here at Communications Redefined, this […]

Lesley Weidenbener: Indianapolis Business Journal Editor

A lifetime of reporting on government and politics seemed natural for Lesley while growing up in a household that read and talked about the news of the day. Listen to follow her career from covering the Indiana legislature to teaching journalism students at Franklin College and starting, to landing as the editor of the Indiana Business Journal.

Kate Michael: Travel Insider & Editor for Pursuitist + Freelance Politics, Health/Wellness and Consumer Writer

Listen as this former Miss District of Columbia shares how the pursuit of a scholarship led to her role at Pursuitist. A writer, vlogger, and creative entrepreneur, Kate speaks about a variety of issues that pique her interest. As a freelance writer, Kate covers a variety of topics from consumer to politics to health and wellness. She is also an on-camera spokesperson on QVC and

Daniel Lippman: POLITICO

Daniel talks sources, covering the White House and POLITICO’s Playbook as well as his freelance coverage of the Syrian civil war. Listen as Angela asks Daniel about his passion for journalism, covering a variety of topics and digging deep for investigative articles and feature stories.

Sue Kopen Katcef: Maryland Public Television Multimedia Journalist

Sue shares wisdom from a lifetime in the field of broadcast journalism. After teaching journalism at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland for two decades, Sue’s passion for the industry has her learning new skills as an award-winning multimedia journalist. Listen to her share with Angela what brought her to and keeps her in this field.

Randy Rohrbaugh: C-SPAN Video Journalist

In today’s episode of Media in Minutes, Angela Tuell interviews long-time friend and videographer, Randy Rohrbaugh. The two covered stories together during their first years in journalism. Randy shares about the differences in working for local network news stations and finding his dream job with C-SPAN as a photographer and field tech. Check out the links below for coverage Randy references during this interview.