Terri-Ann Williams: BBC Journalist

Terri-Ann Williams shares how her journalism career has led to her work as a BBC Breakfast Journalist. She also shares how covering important health concerns led to change in the UK for many families in two key areas.

Scott Hums: Director of Content for WTHR-TV

Angela gets to speak with long-time acquaintance and classmate, Scott Hums. In today’s episode, Scott shares his career journey, the primary difference between a digital director and director of content, and the future of broadcast journalism.

Jeanenne Tornatore: On-Air Travel Expert

On-air travel expert, Jeanenne Tornatore, shares her journey with Angela in today’s episode. From her start blogging for Orbitz to co-owning The Broadcast Experts, listen as Jeanenne shares her preference for behind-the-scenes work while embracing her role in front of the camera.

Matt Cwalina: Director at WMAR TV

Listen to today’s episode to hear Matt discuss all things behind the scenes in TV news with Angela. A hard worker, jokster and connoisseur of craft beers and cigars, Matt dishes up some of his favorites.