Ezra Speaking: Child Journalist & YouTuber


Angela Tuell: 0:05

Welcome to Media in Minutes. This is your host Angela Tuell. This podcast features in-depth interviews with those reports on the world around us. They share everything from their favorite stories to what happened behind the lens and give us a glimpse into their world. From our studio here at Communications Redefined, this is Media in Minutes. Today on Media in Minutes, we are talking with eight year old Ezra Hayden. Ezra started a YouTube channel by sharing the forecast with others and that turned into videos where he interviews local and even national celebrities, including politicians, sports stars, musicians, doctors, and many more. He is a true child journalist who has gotten to play Connect Four with the world famous violinist, Lindsey Stirling, has sang a duet with a two time Grammy seven time Billboard Music Award artist, and has played chess with an astronaut. Welcome, Ezra, I must say your work so far is very impressive. You are the youngest journalist we’ve had on this show. So I look forward to learning more about you.

Ezra Hayden: 1:13

Thank you for having me. I can’t wait to see the questions you’re gonna ask me today.

Angela Tuell: 1:19

Yeah, let’s start with why don’t you tell us about your YouTube show Ezra Speaking, and how it got started.

Ezra Hayden: 1:26

Oh, so for my birthday, my aunt gave me a green screen. I’m wondering how can I use this? And, and I also wanted to raise money for Camp Invention, which is a camp I go to. It’s like our school camp. It’s a Camp Invention words. So there’s inventors from there. And so we got to interview Jim West, he was one. And he was the one who made the electric microphone. I just wanted to start it because I think it’s just gonna it probably would have felt good to me. I was trying to raise money. And so I just thought, Well, why don’t I start a YouTube channel?

Angela Tuell: 2:07

Okay, and how old were you then?

Ezra Hayden: 2:09

I was about six. I’ve been doing this for about three and a half years.

Angela Tuell: 2:14

Wow. How did the green screen come about as a gift?

Ezra Hayden: 2:18

It was a total surprise. To see that.

Angela Tuell: 2:22

And you started with weather, right?

Ezra Hayden: 2:24


Angela Tuell: 2:25


Ezra Hayden: 2:25

Now I just go about doing things in Lafayette. I’ve gone I’ve gone all the way down to see, to interview Ellie Holcomb.

Angela Tuell: 2:37


Ezra Hayden: 2:39

And she opened for Lauren Daigle’s concert in Fort Wayne. So that’s how we got to know her.

Angela Tuell: 2:44

Okay, so you’ve gone from, you know, doing the weather to interviewing national celebrities. That’s pretty impressive.

Ezra Hayden: 2:53

Yes, it is.

Angela Tuell: 2:55

What do your friends and family think of what you’re doing?

Ezra Hayden: 2:58

I think they’re very proud, my friends. I think they’re excited that I’m doing this. And it’s just been an opportunity for me to do this and to spread, not just for me to know that people are actually doing this, but for the world because of my YouTube channel.

Angela Tuell: 3:15


Ezra Hayden: 3:16

So I think my friends and family are very proud of what I’ve been doing. Because when I started this, I was sharing weather. And so I think they were very happy about that. And now I’m just going all the way to trivia with them. And just fun this with them.

Angela Tuell: 3:32

Yes. Do you have any specific role models who have been your inspiration?

Ezra Hayden: 3:37

Well, I have three main specific role models of what I want to be when I grow up. So first, I sort of have to break it down into this. So there’s two Doctor Yancy’s. So I have to say Mr. because Mrs. Dr. Yancey actually is, works for cancer. And so the other one works like with hearts, and I think that’d be cool just to see that. And also, I also want to be a teacher. So I’m really my, my inspiration for that is actually my third grade teacher because I think third grade, third grade and teaching would be very cool. And then Miss Lane is my third grade teacher. And then meteorologist Randy Ollis in Indianapolis.

Angela Tuell: 4:25


Ezra Hayden: 4:26

I really, I really liked him. He was a meteorologist and he retired. But he didn’t actually retired. He’s in children’s ministries, and I’m very excited for his life and happy that he’s doing what he can do.

Angela Tuell: 4:41

Yes, and you interviewed him. You had a wonderful interview with him. I saw where you took him on a limo. We will definitely include a link to your YouTube channel in our show notes, for sure, so everyone can see. So you don’t want to be a journalist that when you grow up? Yeah, you’re pretty young to –

Ezra Hayden: 4:56

Well, maybe. I don’t think so because I won’t have, I won’t really want to take all the equipment from my dad. Not just that, I don’t think that’d be like my priority, my main thing. Now on my bucket list, I do want to Nor nor do I know if I’m going to be a teacher or really not just to do those things I made change those plans. I don’t probably know that yet. Nor do I – a doctor, or I just want to drive all around the world, just looking at all the beautiful things that God created and thinking that, no, it’s not really important to, to look at our money. What we do need to spend our money on things we have to buy, but like spending your money in an RV is really expensive. So I want to ride in an RV and just look at the world that God created and also do a job. And also find a job from what I can do in that just that RV and looking at God’s creation.

Angela Tuell: 6:04

That sounds pretty fantastic. And I’m pretty sure you’ll do what you want to do in life. So that that is wonderful. And you know, you talk a little bit about your interviewing, you’ve interviewed everyone, from meteorologists, to doctors, to firefighters and police officers, chefs, state representatives, famous singers, and many more. What have been some of your favorite interviews?

Ezra Hayden: 6:27

My my main favorite interview, actually, I would say is Lauren Daigle because if you some of your listeners listen to Lauren Daigle, she’s like an amazing favorite. She’s like one of those really good singers. And so that’s like, you want to be like first how how she sings and it’s, I love I love listening to Lauren Daigle on radio, on TV, in the car. Wherever I can listen to her, I would just love to listen to her.

Angela Tuell: 7:00

How do you prepare for your interviews? And were you nervous?

Ezra Hayden: 7:04

Well, sometimes I get really, really, really nervous. And sometimes I’m just like, well, but what I mostly do about that I write my, my questions in my journal, I’ll be get in the car and go to the place. And sometimes it may be in my interviews, maybe a Zoom call like this one. And, and so we’ll have to go to like, there’s this place in Lafayette, it’s, it’s at our church. We can go to this little room, and it has like lights, and it’s a room where you can just do take pictures and take photos and do a lot of stuff.

Angela Tuell: 7:45


Ezra Hayden: 7:45

And it’s it’s one of those studios, our friend let’s us borrow to do Ezra Speaking.

Angela Tuell: 7:52

That’s great. That’s great. So besides Lauren, the singer, do you have any other favorite moments or funny stories from your interviews?

Ezra Hayden: 8:02

Oh, so when I was talking to Lindsey Stirling, she said that there was 1000 strings on a bow. And it was sort of funny because she said 1000 and it was actually 150 to 200.

Angela Tuell: 8:20

She made it her brain might have not been working at the moment that well.

Ezra Hayden: 8:23

She was talking about The Price is Right. And she said I would probably not have gotten that right on The Price is Right.

Angela Tuell: 8:32

That is funny. I did see that. Besides, you know, interviewing all of these people. You also play games with some of them, right?

Ezra Hayden: 8:40

Yeah. Of course.

Angela Tuell: 8:41

Do you usually win?

Ezra Hayden: 8:43

No, definitely not.

Angela Tuell: 8:46

Well, there’s always next time, right?

Ezra Hayden: 8:49

Yeah, there’s always next time. Sometimes we do get to play with them. Like how I got to interview Lindsey Stirling. We played Connect Four. That was so much fun.

Angela Tuell: 8:59

That’s great.

Ezra Hayden: 9:00

To do that.

Angela Tuell: 9:01

Yeah. Is there anyone you dream of interviewing or have on your bucket list?

Ezra Hayden: 9:06

Oh, man. We’ve been trying so hard, so hard to get Dolly Parton and I’m really hoping we can get her.

Angela Tuell: 9:15

That would be an amazing one.

Ezra Hayden: 9:18

Yeah, we’d have to come back on the podcast and say, Well, I guess we interviewed Dolly Parton.

Angela Tuell: 9:24

Absolutely. Any time. So how do you, so how do you go about securing the interviews and making your contacts?

Ezra Hayden: 9:33

So my dad is actually my manager and he interacts with people that are actually available. And he just makes sure that they aren’t bad people, not people that are trying to like be famous and also be bad at the same time so that people can interview them.

Angela Tuell: 9:52

Yeah, unfortunately you have to watch out for those things in the world, huh?

Ezra Hayden: 9:56


Angela Tuell: 9:56

It’s good that your dad can be your manager.

Ezra Hayden: 9:59

Well, I I’m just, I’m just happy that I get to What do you enjoy most about the work you’re doing for Ezra Speaking? interact with people and that I get to just have fun with people.

Angela Tuell: 10:13

Yeah. And share all that fun with everyone else. Right? Who’s next on your list?

Ezra Hayden: 10:20

Actually don’t know that. But I do know, there was two video, listeners. There’s two videos coming out one’s coming out next week. It’s a cert, it’s a circus video Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey is in Indianapolis, December 1, 2, and 3. And then we’ve also just today before this, before this podcast, I literally just talked to Charlie Brown and Lucy from from Charlie Brown and The Peanuts.

Angela Tuell: 10:55

Are you serious?

Ezra Hayden: 10:57

I just did that. Today.

Angela Tuell: 11:00

That is amazing. Did you do that over Zoom?

Ezra Hayden: 11:03

Yeah. So there is a show of Christmas. A Charlie Brown show. In Indianapolis. Coming this December 21.

Angela Tuell: 11:12

And it’s with Charlie Brown and Snoopy?

Ezra Hayden: 11:15

Yeah, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Angela Tuell: 11:18

Oh, I had not even heard of that yet. I’ll have to look. Are you going to be there?

Ezra Hayden: 11:23

Maybe if we get to where we might be able to get to go. And they might be able to find a shoe.

Angela Tuell: 11:33

That is really cool. Well, we can’t wait to list to see that video. Definitely.

Ezra Hayden: 11:38

Um, that’s coming out soon as well. The video is coming out a little bit before December 21.

Angela Tuell: 11:45

So what are your hopes for your YouTube channel?

Ezra Hayden: 11:48

I actually sort of want my shoes to get signed. And then I have like three pairs, four pairs, five pairs. But I want 1 million subscribers. Yeah, I really want.

Angela Tuell: 12:04

That’s a good goal. So everyone you interview if you’re in person, they sign your shoes?

Ezra Hayden: 12:09


Angela Tuell: 12:11

That’s really cool.

Ezra Hayden: 12:13

Well, pn a Zoom call, I sorta can’t. But we did get to go backstage. And Lauren and Lindsey did get to sign my shoes.

Angela Tuell: 12:24

That’s amazing. That’s something really special. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far during all of this?

Ezra Hayden: 12:31


Angela Tuell: 12:32

It’s a hard one

Ezra Hayden: 12:33

The most value. That is a hard one. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is sometimes during my interviews, I really say to my self, think true thoughts. Because sometimes I get too sleepy during my interviews. And so sometimes I may need, like gummies. And so I sometimes may say like, oh, go to sleep and so you can be so tired, right? And so and so mostly just say like come on Ezra, you can stay awake. Sometimes I snap to myself in my brain because yeah, you can do this.

Angela Tuell: 13:16

They like that self motivational talk. That’s really important in life.

Ezra Hayden: 13:20

Uh huh. Yeah, that’d be my valuable, my most valuable weapon.

Angela Tuell: 13:26

That’s a good one. Do you have any tips or advice for other young journalists that want to do something like this?

Ezra Hayden: 13:33

Wow. I would have to say, Well, what my valuable lesson think true thoughts, never ever try to give up. Because it may seem hard to like, so it makes you harm at first because if you say like you say that King & Country can’t do an interview. Like that happened with me. But I I haven’t given up. Like I’m always trying to get other people on the show. Because it’s not like, I’m going to be done with this person and try to go to the next person. I’ll just keep keep trying on their same characteristics.

Angela Tuell: 14:12


Ezra Hayden: 14:14

So I may go on to another person, but I’m still t on the same characteristics. Like how I couldn’t get King & Country but I did get Lauren Daigle, they’re both singers. So that’s a characteristic, right?

Angela Tuell: 14:31

That’s great advice. Never give up. So I know you’re super busy, I’m sure with school and with as you’re speaking, what else do you enjoy in your free time?

Ezra Hayden: 14:42

Oh, man, there’s so many things. So this morning before I did the Charlie Brown interview. I love I love to go on Saturdays and do my taekwondo. Right now. I am a brown decided belt.

Angela Tuell: 14:55


Ezra Hayden: 14:55

So is is red and then I’ll be red decided and then recommended black belt, and then I’ll be a black belt. Black beltt degree one, black belt degree two, black belt degree three I think.

Angela Tuell: 15:09

That’s fabulous. And I’m pretty sure you’ll never give up till you get there. Right?

Ezra Hayden: 15:13

Yeah. I’ll hopefully not.

Angela Tuell: 15:16

That is great Ezra.

Ezra Hayden: 15:17

It’ll take a while though.

Angela Tuell: 15:19

Yes, yes, that does take a while. Anything that’s worth it takes takes a while usually. How can our listeners connect with you online?

Ezra Hayden: 15:27

They can go to a lot of places. Well, yes, you can go to facebook.com and then search Ezra Speaking, and then you can follow my page. You can go to Instagram and search EzraSpeaking2288. You can search Youtube.com and search Ezra Speaking and subscribe to my YouTube channel. And you can also go to EzraSpeaking.com. And you can either you can chat with me and send me your email. And then you can look at my galleries and look at some of my videos I’ve done. We have edit. Oh, and you can go some i I edited it a little bit ago. And I took weather games on there. So there’s weather games there.

Angela Tuell: 16:15

That is wonderful. We will link to all of those in our show notes and thank you so much Ezra – it was wonderful talking with you.

Ezra Hayden: 16:22

Wonderful talking with you.

Angela Tuell: 16:26

That’s all for this episode of Media in Minutes, a podcast by Communications Redefined. Please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe to our show. We’d love to hear what you think. You can find more at CommunicationsRedefined.com/podcast. I’m your host, Angela Tuell. Talk to you next time.


In today’s episode, Ezra shares how a gifted green screen lead to him giving his own 5 day forecast which eventually led to the creation of Ezra Speaking, a space where, as his YouTube channel Intro song so perfectly sings, he seeks adventures with his family, gives weather reports and tells stories where he goes.

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